ListJul.12.2012 9:00-10:45 [Perez and Anita Wardell]

Anita Wardell

Perez- Anita Wardell (from London)

PerezReview of Its HAPPENIN Stanley Crouch has describes
her as "the real thing," and indeed she is: pure-voiced and free of affectations, with a round, robust sound as sparkling and fresh as iced Perrier yet as dense and rich as darkest espresso. On past albums, she has mixed covers and originals. This time around, she sticks exclusively to time-honored classics, handling everything from the tricky

curves of "Milestones" and boppin' bounce of "Farmer's Market" to the slowly unraveling uncertainty of "Detour Ahead" and haunted otherworldliness of "Nature Boy" with aplomb. Through it all, Perez remains the sturdy maypole around which several fine-spirited players dance, with pianist David Hazeltine, trombonist Steve Davis, trumpeter Ron Horton and
saxophonist/flautist Jed Levy each adding his particular brand of spice to this satisfying olio."-Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes,

ANITA WARDELL Review of gNotedh in Manchester Evening News
The worthy recipient of an accolade at the BBC Jazz Awards ,Anita Wardell has emerged onto the scene with a voice and a name that lend themselves with ease to the jazz idiom. Inspired by the improvisations of the great Eddie Jefferson and the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross trio, Wardell with her Noted album has made a judicious selection of songs taken from the legendary repertoire of the Blue Note label, adding her own lyrics in some cases to classic instrumentals.