ListAug.22.2011 10:00-11:30 [Keith Middleton's Soul Collective]

Keith "Wild Child" MIddleton
If you are like me, you have spent countless moments staring at you radio shaking your head, wondering what in the world happened to music. More specifically, what the hell happened to Hip Hop and R&B? I could get on my soapbox and rant and debate about what happened...but I'd rather sing about what's happening. What's happening, is the resurrection of musicality. Pure and simple. Keith Wild Child Middleton and company, have managed to create a seamless fusion of genres. If Hip Hop, R&B, Spoken Word and Jazz were to have hot butt naked sex and create a love child, this music would be that child. It manages what spoken word has lost over the years through heavy commercialization. It brings live musicians back into the studio...breathing the life back into music. Smooth jazz horns, funky bass lines, Brazilian percussion, along with Keith's smokey vocals will easily have any New York or Philadelphia lounge crowd swaying and snapping. I have to warn you.....the track "4word" is dangerously erotic. I almost got pregnant listening to it in my room by myself........I'm just sayin.........

by Lynn Wactor