豊島区池袋1-8-8 池袋労働基準協会ビルB1,B2

年・月 曲目 (キー)
2018年 1月 . . Fly Me To The Moon (C)
2月 All The Things You Are (A♭)
3月 There Will Never Be Another You (E♭)
4月 Solar (Cm)
5月 Four (E♭)
6月 Feel Like Makin' Love
7月 Blue Bossa (Cm)
8月 If I Were A Bell (F)
9月 It Could Happen To You (E♭)
10月 Girl from Ipanema (F)
11月 Just Friends (F)
12月 Cantaloupe Island
2019年 1月 Someday My Prince Will Come (B♭)
2月 But Not For me (E♭)
3月 Stella By Starlight (B♭)
4月 Chicken
5月 Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (Cm)
6月 All Of You (E♭)
7月 So What
8月 Oleo (B♭)
9月 The Days Of Wine And Roses (F)
10月 On Green Dolphin Street (E♭)
11月 Chameleon
12月 Comfirmation (F)
. Fly Me To The Moon (C)
. All The Things You Are (A♭)


池袋「SOMETHIN' Jazz Club」 R&B FUNK よくやる曲